Timothy R. Wagner, Ph.D.
Professor - Inorganic/Solid State Chemistry
Department of Chemistry, Youngstown State University
  One University Plaza - Youngstown, Ohio 44555
  Phone:  (330) 941-1960 ;     FAX:  (330) 941-1579


Professional Background

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Research Interests

Research in my lab focuses mainly on: (1) synthesis and structural characterizations (via single
crystal & powder X-ray diffraction, and EM methods) of inorganic crystalline solids with
particular interest in nitride-fluoride, oxynitride, and nitride-oxide-fluoride mixed-anion systems;
and (2) synthesis of ceramic oxide precursors and their use in the preparation of  novel ceramic-
metallic interpenetrating phase composites for various applications.   

See VITA (pdf format) for publications, grants, etc.

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