Dr. T.R. Wagner

CHEM 1516L:  General Chemistry II Laboratory

Summer 2011


REEL stands for Research Experiences to Enhance Learning, and is a program sponsored by the National Science Foundation through a grant administered by The Ohio State University.  The program is designed to introduce a more realistic laboratory experience to first and second year chemistry students, relative to the "cookbook" experiments usually encountered.  For the REEL project in this course, our overall goal will be to make new chemical compounds with specific colors for possible pigment applications.  For example, there is a real need for safer yellow and red pigments, since these have traditionally used compounds containing toxic metals such as Pb or Cd, and high quality replacements are needed.  As part of your REEL project, you will be proposing, preparing, and analyzing (via powder X-ray diffraction) new compositions not previously reported in the scientific literature.  If your synthesis is successful, you may be the first person who has ever prepared your compound.  This element of 'new discovery' embedded into the experiment promises to make it your most exciting lab experience yet!                               http://www.ohio-reel.osu.edu/